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SnapShot helps us to see our data the same way, regardless of the PMS and provides easy aggregation data
Hugo Gallou
Co-owner and Business Developer at Gafihotel
SnapShot saves us time and makes sure that we have all our data available in one place , at any time we need it.
Milou Steintjes
i-Hotel Service's Revenue & Project Manager

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Check out our flagship solution: AnalyticsPro.

Full functionality for your data:

  • The SnapShot Analytics Hotel Dashboard offers you a clearer view of your hotel: PMS and performance data, Google Analytics, social media and more.
  • Reporting turns your data into actionable insights with quick reporting and data aggregation. Normalize your PMS data and clean up your segments, rooms and rate plans across all properties.
  • OTA Commission Tracker shows you exactly what you are paying in commission across distribution channels.
  • Forecast & Budget makes a comparison of on-the-books data with your forecast or budget now a cinch.
  • Pick Up Pro helps to understand your pickup, quickly and easily
  • Alert Me gives you relevant information as it happens with custom alerts for when your pickup, occupancy, RevPAR and other data changes or reaches a certain threshold.
  • Segment Mapper helps with consolidated reporting for room types, market and channel segments across all properties of your chain or portfolio

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