Sell Your Application to Thousands of Hotels Worldwide. 


So, you have an application that is going to revolutionize the hospitality industry? Or maybe you have an idea for an application, but are lacking the right integrations to make it a success? Build with SnapShot. The SnapShot Marketplace provides you with an API with PMS data, as well as a platform with more than 6000 hotels across the globe that are searching for better technology to run their business. 




Here's Your Guide To The SnapShot Marketplace: 

1. Marketplace Basics

What Is The SnapShot Marketplace?

Why Should I Develop An App In The SnapShot Marketplace?

Key Facts & Figures

2. Getting Started: Building & Launching Your Application

Available Data Points

Integration Process

Technical Requirements

Commercial Guidelines

3. Once Your Application Is In The Marketplace

4. Additional Promotion and Important Brand Guidelines




1. Marketplace Basics

What is the SnapShot Marketplace?

The SnapShot Marketplace is where hotels can find applications and great technology that helps them to better run their business. SnapShot offers a vast data platform accessible through a single API, which allows developers to quickly and easily build great applications that will shape the future technology for the hospitality industry. We’re making the hotel vertical accessible to developers, so developers can focus on products and not custom integrations. 

Why Develop An App In The SnapShot Marketplace?

Remove hassle of integrations: Using SnapShot’s API, you no longer have to worry about building PMS integrations to get hotels connected to your application. And, with one single sign on to the Marketplace, the hotel is already onboarded and ready to use your app.

Sales and distribution platform: SnapShot Marketplace exposes your application to thousands of hotels worldwide, so that you can quickly grow your business. Plus, all transactions will be managed by SnapShot, so you don’t have to worry about payments and transactions.

Generate additional revenue: The more apps that you sell on the SnapShot Marketplace, the more revenue you generate.

Key Facts & Figures  

The SnapShot Marketplace has:
  • 6000+ hotels connected
  • Global reach, with hotels in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas
  • 60+ PMS integrations and data partners 



2. Getting Started: Building & Launching Your Application

Once you have signed the commercial agreement and have paid the initial developer fee of 500EUR, you will receive access to SnapShot’s API and can begin developing your application.

Available Data Points

The SnapShot API currently contains three types of transactional data from external PMSs: 1. reservations (without contact details), 2. financial transactions, 3. group reservations. We clean the data, aggregate them and calculate KPIs such as RevPar, ADR, revenue, pace or occupancy. You can choose between different data granularity, single or multiproperty aggregation. Also, you can get overall data or breakdown of the data by various dimensions such as room type, rate plan, market segment or distribution channel. Last but not least, you get actual data, historical data (how data looked liked at some particular time in the past) or even forecast and budget data.

On top of that, you can also send and automate messages by connecting to Fabric, SnapShot's hotel communication tool.

What is not available, but will be later this year, are contact details, and social media APIs.

All our API is REST / JSON and using OAUTH 2.0 authentication.

Integration Process

The first important step for you is to go through our signup process and fillout simple survey so we get more information about your company and the application. The next step is to sign the Commercial Agreement and pay 500 EUR (annual fee for developer account) for access to the APIs and our Sandbox.

After that, you can start to develop the application (or integrate the existing one). Once you are done, we move to certification and pilot process where we approve your application. The last step is then to publish your application on our Marketplace.

integrations flow2.png

Technical Requirements

We have a couple of key technical requirement: before you can start to consume the data, you need to integrate with our Identity Service. This identity service provides a single sign on for all applications and also gives you access to the property and user details. 

You also need to include our Navigation Bar in your application. This will ensure that users have a seamless experience within the Marketplace, allowing them to access their profile page as well as switch to other applications that they have purchased. Detailed documentation on the Navigation Bar is available within the SnapShot Developer Portal.

You as the developer are responsible for hosting your application. The SnapShot Marketplace does not provide hosting space or a URL for your application.


Commercial Guidelines

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple. After you’ve paid the annual fee of 500 euro (per company), you gain access to APIs and can begin developing your app. Once it is live on the SnapShot Marketplace, it can be bought on a monthly or annually basis, and revenue is shared 70% (you)/30% (us). 

Onboarding Hotels

The customer journey begins with the SnapShot sign-up process, where a hotels are encouraged to connect their PMS data for output APIs. Once signed up, the hotel has full access to the SnapShot Marketplace and can purchase applications. Once your application is purchased, the user is redirected to your application. Thanks to the Identity Service, the user has a single sign on, which works between Snapshot Marketplace and your application. Plus, thanks to a single navigation bar, the user always can always access the application or switch between applications without remembering the URL/multiple different log-in credentials.


The applications within the SnapShot Marketplace should be affordable and simple for a hotel to click and buy, without going through large purchase orders, RFPs, etc. This generally means that applications are priced between 15-300 EUR per month. Applications must run on a subscription basis, either monthly or annually. Currently, the Marketplace is set up to bill hotels on a property level, and in the future, we are looking into billing on a per room or per user basis. 

Your Application Name and Logo

You will be asked to provide a name and logo icon for your application. The name must be less than 25 characters and must not already exist in the SnapShot Marketplace. The logo icon must be 200px by 200px.

Your Application Description

You will be asked to provide a short (240 character) and long description (unlimited characters) about what your application does upon submitting your application for review before it is launched in the Marketplace. These descriptions should accurately represent your application and will be reviewed by SnapShot’s Marketing team. 

The short description is used within the Marketplace app store: 


The longer description (500 characters) is displayed if a user clicks to learn more about your application:


Screenshots and Graphics

You may submit screenshots and images of your application. We recommend providing at least three and up to six screenshots of your product, which will be displayed once a user clicks to learn more about your application. All screenshots must have a maximum file size of 2MB. The images may contain marketing copy to explain key benefits to the user (as shown below) or may be accompanied with a brief (150 character) description, which will be displayed below the image.

Store Gallery Browser Mockup.png


3. Once Your Application Is On The Marketplace 

SnapShot will actively promote your application to its customer base through Marketing and Traditional Sales. Promotion will be defined by SnapShot’s Marketing team and may include one or more of the following channels.

SocialMedia dev email3.png

Social Media Announcement 

Digital Campaigns & Email Marketing

press3.png brochure3.png

Press Releases, Articles, Etc.

Sales Materials, Brochures, Etc.

 4. Additional Promotion & Important Brand Guidelines

As a SnapShot Marketplace Developer, you may further promote your application as a part of the SnapShot Marketplace on your own website and in your own communications. SnapShot must have final review of any promotional messaging. 


The SnapShot Logo  

Anatomy and guidelines

When using SnapShot in messaging, it should be accompanied with the SnapShot logo whenever possible. The SnapShot logo has two parts: a hexagon and the word SNAPSHOT . These two parts work as a unit as seen below. Within the logo, the word SNAPSHOT is based on Proxima Nova typeface, but has been modified and is unique, so you should not set the name yourself. The name SNAPSHOT should never appear in any other font in conjunction with the hexagon.

Areas of Non-Interference

The area of noninterference ensures that the logo has enough room to breathe and doesn’t compete with other elements. There should be a minimum amount of clear space on all sides of the logo, as shown. The complete guidelines can be downloaded here

SnapShot MarketPlace_logos.png 


Promoting The SnapShot Marketplace App Store 

Developers with applications in the SnapShot Marketplace App Store may also include buttons to the store on their website and in promotional materials. 

The button must link to the following address: 

 download_store.png Download on Store.png



You're all set! 

And with that, you are ready to start developing your application! 

If you haven't signed up to the SnapShot Marketplace, please do so here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Happy developing!

- The SnapShot Team