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AnalyticsPro- The Ultimate Hotel Analytics V2


Our Key Solutions:

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Data Platform
Harmonize and facilitate access to your data across multiple systems and data sources.                                 
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Use your data with applications from innovative developers on SnapShot Marketplace.
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Analyze your business through visualization solutions for enterprise groups or independent hospitality clients.
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Be equipped with methods and tools to effectively master data.


Unlock the power of your data with SnapShot’s data solutions.



SnapShot helps us to see our data the same way, regardless of the PMS and provides easy aggregation data
Hugo Gallou
Co-owner and Business Developer at Gafihotel
SnapShot saves us time and makes sure that we have all our data available in one place , at any time we need it.
Milou Steintjes
i-Hotel Service's Revenue & Project Manager


Check out our flagship solution: AnalyticsPro.

Full functionality for your data:

  • The SnapShot Analytics Hotel Dashboard offers you a clearer view of your hotel: PMS and performance data, Google Analytics, social media and more.
  • Reporting turns your data into actionable insights with quick reporting and data aggregation. Normalize your PMS data and clean up your segments, rooms and rate plans across all properties.
  • OTA Commission Tracker shows you exactly what you are paying in commission across distribution channels.
  • Forecast & Budget makes a comparison of on-the-books data with your forecast or budget now a cinch.
  • Pick Up Pro helps to understand your pickup, quickly and easily
  • Alert Me gives you relevant information as it happens with custom alerts for when your pickup, occupancy, RevPAR and other data changes or reaches a certain threshold.
  • Segment Mapper helps with consolidated reporting for room types, market and channel segments across all properties of your chain or portfolio




SnapShot AnalyticsPro Overview